#Xmas 港澳開放線上聚會啦!👭👬

即日起,開放線上聚會,在家Christmas Party!

🎉即日起-12/31 港澳地區主辦或參與線上聖誕聚會,標題含「#Xmas」就送150酒杯,前10名開局獎勵雙倍!
Step.1 主辦或參與online聖誕聚會,標題加上「#Xmas」
Step.2 獲得150酒杯(前10名開局獎勵雙倍)!

💡 線上聚會純聊天太尷尬?試試這些活動吧
1.線上Scavenger Hunt,時間內找出主持人指定的東西,再跟大家分享那是什麼!

  1. 交換願望清單/新年新希望
  1. 聖誕電影馬拉松: 跟飯友們分享你最愛的聖誕電影吧!

●參與活動視為同意活動辦法,其他未盡事宜以 Eatgether 公告為準,主辦單位保有隨時修改及終止本活動之權利。

#Xmas Online gathering is available now(Hong Kong & Macau Exclusive)!👭👬

Christmas is arriving… along with the social gathering ban😭
But…Santa…I still wanna meet up with friends…

From now on, Hong Kong and Macau residents may meetup ONLINE! 
What’s more, here comes the Xmas Giveaway🙌

🎉 Starting from today till 12/31, host or participate in online Christmas gatherings, hashtag #Xmas, —We’ll give away 150 wine glasses! The first 10 hosts of #Xmas gatherings will be given double!

How to join the Giveaway #Xmas ?

Step.1 Host or participate in online Christmas gatherings,  add hashtag #Xmas to title(Or participate in gatherings with #Xmas)
Step.2  Get 150 wine glasses!(Early bird: The first 10 participants will be given double!)

#Acceptance rate⬆️ if wine glasses are sent along with friend invitation😍
💡 Try out Xmas Virtual Scavenger Hunt! Search and show off your item 🙂 
How to play:https://pse.is/HKMSample1/

💡Bucket list sharing/new year resolution sharing
Bucketlist ideas: https://pse.is/HKMSample2/

💡Favorite christmas movies: Share your favorite christmas movies with new friends!

Terms and conditions:
● Date of gathering must be before 2021.1.1(Deadline 2020.12.31)
● Location of online gathering is limited to Hong Kong and Macau. Online gathering in Taiwan is not available nor will you receive any prizes.
● Online gathering hosts and participants are limited to Hong Kong and Macau residents whose registered phone number is from Hong Kong or Macau.
● Entries are limited to one entry per person (150 wine glasses). For early birds, that will be 300 wine glasses. Wine glasses will be given out before 2020/01/15.
● By participating in this campaign,  you agree that you shall be bound by these terms and conditions in consideration of and in relation to your use of the Platform. The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms at any time by posting the amended Terms.